Places that Hipsters go to eat in

Hipsters go to eat


Places that Hipsters go to eat in

Hipsters are known to harbor obscure tastes. They listen to ‘weird’ if not underground music. They love visiting vintage shops. Basically they love to go anti-mainstream on almost everything.

If you mistakenly thought their favorite location would be in the most popular entry in the neighbored, you are doomed. Their choice of venue is not “by popular demand”. Because, anyway, is there any demand?

So if you really wanted to bump into your weird neighbor next door devouring their steamed veggies and beef steaks (you think that’s even strange)?

Here are the characteristics of the eateries where you’ll will these people.

  • It’s in a hidden or in a just random location – It the restaurant is in a posh, trendy area, probably it shouldn’t be there. Probably it settled there when the area wasn’t popular. Alternatively, they could have already relocated to a more obscure (or secluded areas) like in the lofts and basements. The point is being discrete is key.
  • “No signs” signage - Well, this might sound contracting to any non-hipster but not to the true hipster. No signs, is the first sign that will pint you to the hipsters’ den. Initially, they used to go for restored or even vintage signs. But things have changed a bit. Today they prefer just ‘no sign’.

Yes, they hate sounding too “loud” with big signage. But, nowadays, they are using small signage with tiny font seems as the new way to market.

  • Eatery doesn’t have set business hours – You don’t get it? Well, don’t even try to call them. The business hours are and the website doesn’t exist. You know what their mantra is: “It’s no longer cool to pick up phone from clientele.” So they would rather stuff your inbox with messages. Besides, most of these eateries operates on ‘work when you want” basis. So expect a blurred line between closing hours and “official closing hours” because they can close anytime things get boring.
  • You can’t the staff and clientele apart – By the way, you might a membership to eat there. So everyone there is basically rockin’ the same thing. Right from new clothes that are made to look old to vintage second hand clothing and old clothes that cost more than new clothes, you’ll have a hard time telling who is who in that eatery. No fake eyelashes, not fake purses. But you are allowed to use fake glasses and messenger bags while men may sport professionally styled and groomed facial hair.


  • If it’s not record player, it’s an in-house DJ - “Wait did you hear that unfamiliar artist playing through the Vinyl recorder in the basement? That could where they are.” Yes, expect no MP3s or CD tracking playing but the romantic hum of the record players. And, if they are not playing music from recorders, expect to find underground DJ playing occasional hip hop. During special occasions, they feature a live band that most non-hipster might not know about r heard of..

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