Hipster Festivals around the World

Hipster Festivals


Hipster Festivals around the World

“Way out, wacky and full of freaks”: Yes, hipster music festivals are yet to begin for next summer music festival. So this is a signal that you need to prepare to join hands and celebrate. There are festivals which are in their initialyear, and others are on their 15th. So you can opt to buy a ticket for one day or access a weekend pass. So, if you wanted to know about the best hipster music festivals around the world, feel free to read on.

Magnetic Fields, in India

Magnetic music festivals originate from the hippy period. However, the today’s music goes beyond the mud, acid and rock music of the UK traditions and the festivals of European. The magnetic fields festival in India promises you (among other gorgeous things) the rolling fields and sun-kissed beaches, a fertile indulging ground where the sun literary never sets. So purpose to attend before you die or the festival becomes mainstream, which is against the hipster codes.

Benicassim in Spain

The Festival International Benicassim (FIB) is poplar amng the hipster community for holidaying and festivals. So if you love the tingle that comes with consuming your fav music while sunbathing on beach full of naked people, this is one for you. Prepare early or you risk missing the rewards that come with attending this Spanish festival.

Music begins at 5 pm and goes through the whole night until the following morning. So, people, this is an official way you can get a million-dollar tan and listen to the cutting edge music that your next door neighbor back doesn’t understand.

Dimensions, Pula, Croatia

If you really love to rave underground tunes and the ancient forts, this is where you should be this summer. Apart from hosting Outlook, Hideout and Spring Break, you’ll be surprised that this tiny country is home t the celebrated Dimensions.

Now here is why this festival pops, at least for the hipsters. They shun the big-drop EDM and embrace underground DJs. Plus, due its close proximity to the coast, you can easily chill by the beach during the day and join some banging bat parties at night.

FYF Fest, loss Angels in the USA

This type of festival is heaven meant for the vinyl city explorers, Pitchfork readers, and the shunners of celebrity. I mean the real hipsters. Where did it originate? We have to blame Sean Carlos for this pleasure-minting festival. Bred by big performance, the then teenager decided to start his damn festival in the year 2004, dubbed Fuck Yeah Fest. Since then, FYF has thrived from the hip clubs to a central park-filler. So hipster also think big?

Governors Ball, in the USA

Now if you are an emplyee of Urban Outffitters or a metropolitan, this festival meant for you. Why was it located there? Its current location would enable revelers to easily viewing the Statue of Freedom and the city center of the skyline to the Island of Randall. You can, therefore, get to the Governors Ball by Ferry or your hand-made kayak.

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Australia

Laneway is right now one of the best Australia’s largest Festivals having bases in most of the country’s large cities. It also spreads to different foreign countries including Newzealand, Singapore and also the in the United States.


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