Hipster Music Artists We digg

Hipster Music


Hipster Music Artists We digg


Hipsters. You might not want to live with them but you can’t live without them. Right from crowding to halls of every vintage shop rockin’ Macklemore’s haircut to hiding in the shadows of concert venues, hipsters seem to be everywhere.

It’s like they are vampires that use the night to garner as much knowledge as possible and feed off our ignorance of Art Deco. And as if not disgusting enough (pun indented), they patiently wait to pull out names of their never- heard-of- artists they have listening for a long time. They keep that shit for long until it goes mainstream and losses its cool.


So below is a list of artists that these hipsters keep drooling over.


  • BATHS –This guy is such a lock! His music resonates well with the hipster culture. Plus, his Will Wiesenfeld’s dope ass prescription glasses (if you at care what that is) makes him look a lot more cool. So, what do hipsters love about his music? May be it’s those highly unpredictable vocal shifts or the stillness of his beats. We can leave it for jury to decide. .
  • Star Slinger – The Star Slinger is the good news to any hipster accessing Wi-Fi at this no-junkie-popping eatery you have never heard of. But, you’ll surprised to learn that the eatery is a members only joint. To them, this artist sounds like he was born and raised up to sooth and titillate their eardrums. This dude has the indie hip-hop game on lock. Besides, his minimalistic drums euphoric synths present on blissful remixes of artists like Lion Babe, London Grammar and Hundred Waters are just amazing.
  • Tycho - Now, this “hipster” artist pulls mightily (or is it powerfully) from the “beatnik”  of yesteryear. Yes, if the likes of Bob Dylan and Jack Kerouac were unanimously declared as thankfully hippie, then Tycho promises much more unique hippie music. Plus, his style of music is so placid that many hipsters still think it could calm down wayward revelers

Well, you might never be invited into one of these hipster eclectic circles, but you can always imagine there will be plenty of PBR. Because anyway, your mainstream palates might need a bit of refining.

  • Classixx - Thing is, hipsters will always have an agenda. It doesn’t matter whether you find them in a dingy bar sipping drowning a bottle after a bottle of cheap liquor. Even if they pretend not to care shit about the world, there is always a master plan evolving. But when they are passing time in the confines of the downtown condos, things change. They get to tearing up every Classixx remix that is coursing through iTunes, TV, Youtbe or Sptify Vinyl record player. So you can be sure every Phoenix. Lana Del Rey, Active Child and Mayer Hawthorne (it’s a long list) will be keeping them busy although.
  • Cyril Hahn – “So you haven’t heard of Cyril Hahn too? Okay, that’s shouldn’t worry you. The dude is still pretty underground.” Hipsters are always one step ahead. So they always know the artists. Whether Cyril is recording with Shy Girls or touring with Ryan Hemsworth, you can always be guaranteed of a presence of pack of hippies draped in attires from Urban Outfitters cheering him on.

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