Hipster Clothing brands you should know

Hipster Clothing


Hipster Clothing brands you should know

While there is no one-fits-all uniform for hipsters, you will always identify one when you smell it. This “uncool is cool” group possess a constantly updated library of brands to love when their current favorites gets too mainstream to be cool anymore.

But however, how ‘cool’ keeps on mutating every day, there are at least a few consistencies with regard to clothing brands hipsters love. But the irony is, hipster tastes are disdainful of the average, except when enjoying the average. Besides, they are both cheap and pricey and their love for certain clothing brands runs deep.

For reasoning that the hipster is entirely self-aware of, a few brands stick out to him as ones that can’t be tossed aside even if they become mainstream.

Here are a few of hipster brands your reading and scoffing pleasure.

  • Fred Perry – Now, much like Starter, Fred Perry it's all about the OG brands making a comeback. Now here is where the fun is: hipsters love it the more, even if they barely have any memory of when this stuff was first cool. What American hipsters may never admit it (and which is painfully true) is that their British counterparts are probably more anti-mainstream and well-dressed than them. So, if you didn’t know why, Fred Perry is a big reason for that. This clothing brand has been around for so long. Ironically, hipsters just pretend they were not cool back in the day. So they think they just supporting it now again ina vintage-y way. Well, the rest is for the jury to decide.
  • Starter – If you thought the life of a hipster is cool, think again. The supply of BPR is dwindling and the 10 am sunlight creeping into the room is is too bright to ignore but tonight it’s $7- cup Java night?


So the Starter jacket acts as a shield to responsibility, allowing them to re-live the cool era of their childhood when the parents took care of their welfare. So looking dump wasn’t frowned upon. So if you don’t have this jacket in your wardrobe, then you are not z self-respecting hipster..

  • P.C. The French people are kind the OG hipster: Condescending, disdainful, and helplessly really skinny. That’s why naturally Americans hipster would love simple brands like the A.P.C that state their coolness without saying much. And apart from the clothing, these anti-mainstream Americans are emulating the odor and the manners of the French.
  • OAK – Draped in head to toe nor, the dude in the OAK appears more brilliant, thoughtful and insightful. S, if you are the kind of hipster who lives the mantra” fakes it till you shine”, this brand is for you.
  • Pendleton - If you as are not keeping it cool, then you don’t fit in the hipster caste. You see, authenticity is everything for hipster. So, if you want to prove to the world how authentic you are, get your Pendleton. This brand is popular with Native American hipsters and is probably the most real of all the brands.




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