My story

Hi, my name is Tzach Bahar, and in the last few years I've been living and creating in one of the worlds' best Coastal City - The City of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is a very creative and unique spot, home for many young artists, and full of inspiration.

As far as I can remember myself, art has always attracted me. As a young boy I remember collecting things from the street and renovating them...  Trying to pass my spirit through the material.

Eventually I decided to study architecture. For me, architecture means being an environmental-sculptor, to transfer one's imagination to the environment, and to also touch and inspire each and every one - even if they are just "innocent bystanders" walking the streets.

That's why studying architecture was really interesting for me, and VERY satisfying.

After my studies, I began working in an architecture firm. Unfortunately I did not experience what I was really looking for. They did not allow the freedom I was after - to fly with my imagination, and they constantly gave me new borders and red-lines.

Then I thought: "What the hack am I going to do now?!"So two years later - I resigned!

The first thought that came to mind was that I needed some time to just "be", and that perhaps I needed some vacation time.

I believe that art has no limits, because imagination has no limits!

I decided to go to India, because my previous experience in that country was that there I can really rest, think quietly and connect with myself.

India really gave me an idea, it pointed me to the right direction and took me on a new path, and I'm grateful for that.

The new direction was really just to let the ART in me lead the way.

I know what I like: to paint, design, build.. I love letting my inspiration flow through me and into the world.

I had one way to do it.

I started taking the work I finished and put it for sale on the Internet, and people began asking questions and showing interest in my art.

After seeing that it really helps me in both ways - inspiring people and to getting up in the morning with a big smile on my face, I realized: "that's what I want to do!"

That's why I opened Tazstudio.

Tazstudio is a my studio in Tel Aviv.

In the studio we think and create things unique and interesting. We work as a team, and often we cooperate with other talents, from various fields of art.

We celebrate the freedom of creation in All aspects of our work, and take pride (and joy :) ) in the idea of NOT being grounded, and allowing art to fully flow, and glow.

We want to inspire and offer a different way of thinking, so it is very important for us that our products be unique.

Our cooperation varies, and we cooperate with a full spectrum of talents - students, novice and well known designers.

You can learn from anyone! So yes, if, for example, YOU have an idea, here in Tazstudio we would love hearing about it!

Giving our family a good welcoming feeling is very important for us. If you choose to become a part of the family - You will be welcomed!

We can promise that in Tazstudio you will feel at home.

After all, There is no place like home :]